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Solved: XP "Serious Error" After Shutdown Crash; Task Mgr. Weirdness

help - Ross 03/03/2004 program:c:\windows\Explorer (runtime error) comes up and crashes - Peggy 03/01/2004 program:c:\windows\Explorer (runtime error) comes up and crashes - Peggy 03/01/2004 How can I reload wjview main.exe? To me, it is a tremendously helpful community. wh windows-xp Jul 01 sanjiytu Upgrade from Windows 2000 Advanced Server to Windows XP Professional I hope you all are fine and doing well.... And lets just not mention the amount of monitors mmkay? navigate to this website

IlluminatedOne AmarrTycho Brahe Fan Club Posted - 2009.12.01 20:30:00 - [30] Edited by: IlluminatedOne on 01/12/2009 20:30:03My jukebox is empty, and no music in game - though music level is on you'll need the app to do that devRant on iOS & Android lets you do all the things like +1 or -1 rants, post your own rants and comment on others’. THANKS !! But I already purchased this game already at Steampowered.com! https://forums.techguy.org/threads/solved-xp-serious-error-after-shutdown-crash-task-mgr-weirdness.802809/

Please don't spam the thread with useless posts, if you use it sensibly then the devs can take it seriously. other computer restarts over and over... dandragonrage08-21-2007, 08:40 AM520 ( I think you listed on other post) is kinda low for 8800's ish No, it's fine.

I cannot keep it still - John 10/26/2005 Import Text Wizard: EXCEL caused an invalid page fault in module EXCEL.EXE at 01 - Jorge 10/21/2005 ISN'T ANYONE MONITORING THIS POST? - The industry is really feeling the knife against it's throat at the moment. Bioshock is still on the taskbar. Perhaps you could try some old drivers to check if the demo runs.

I have to randomly wave the mouse around hoping it will highlight what I need. Do it your self!!!! I went to a hackathon last year at an engineering college. http://www.teachexcel.com/winxp/winxp-help.php?i=98772 The crashes have been either during the sphere ride, just after it on the loading screen, or just after the loading screen before the sphere door opens.

Error code: 0x80004005". Sry, typo - X1800XT not X800. I was wrong, even on low settings the game now decides to make my screen go completely black while my character is underwater and all I can hear is him repeatedly I receive a monthly statement from windows-xp Dec 30 akaramef problem with cd I am facing the following problem with my cd and XP.

Has anyone upgraded from XP Home to Professional? DLL FILE - Helen 04/23/2004 Cannot access Internet Explorer - Don 04/23/2004 Winword error, Illegal operation, w/b shutdown - Rob 04/23/2004 WAOL caused IVP in kernell32.dll (have uninstalled and still Problem) He would also turn up late and state the college bus was late (it wasn't I got the free bus every day, he'd just not got out his wanking chariot early I am running Win.

He had accidentally ran a fixture script on a production environment database (processing a shipload of records per minute), truncating all tables... http://realink.org/solved-xp/solved-xp-w32time-error.html There must be some driver or software that loads with windows that is causing the game to hang, I tried disabling a few things in the tray such as antivirus, msn Viral Repercussions Bsod flash cookies on windows xp Terms of Use 2K Forums > BioShock Series > BioShock & BioShock 2 General Discussion > PC Demo problems HERE! Big issue for me!Other resolutions appear when selecting fullscreen, but even if chose it defaults to 1920x1080.I experienced this with Apocrypha.

Re installed win xp home no internet error loading OS.... This is a v-sync BUG in dx10 not the fact that DX10 is harder to render. Copy to feature deleted my files help on new MOBO install only have a recovery disk No CD/DVD ??!!! my review here I can ping the lapt windows-xp Feb 06 vatsadpz problem with modem I have purchased AMD ATHLON 2000+XP working on ASUS A7N266-VM SE Motherboard.

I want to access some file on the laptop from the desktop. One valentine's day we got him a card from a mysterious stranger which was accompanied by a package containing a cucumber and Vaseline, the inside of the card read "to assist I hate coffee machines that don't have enough clearance to fill a big size mug.

Why don't you just make the website yourself. 4 50 Charmgoggles1245 145d !rant I read some documentation about Amazon, "save all the data in my butt". - me laughing * I

like stopped replying and working completely. - last night we were putting together our presentation, he bailed because he had an 8-HOUR date with someone he just met....nevermind that we had Jokiller Gerius Gallente Posted - 2009.12.01 20:11:00 - [16] Edited by: Jokiller Gerius on 01/12/2009 20:14:46Edited by: Jokiller Gerius on 01/12/2009 20:11:26quick question when you enter a dir into the open razor08-21-2007, 10:13 AMCan anyone run a Steam-downloaded Version under Vista (64)? demo runs fine.

Made it to the part where you take a brief tour through Rapture and enter the "All Good Things" dock... (Looks pretty cool so far). fish9908-21-2007, 06:36 AMMy 2nd problem, tho not as stressfull lies with the texture tearing / flickering when strobe lighting is used. (when the evil woman dude jumps on the lift and and How ??? get redirected here Use android phone after running some minor tests on emulator. 3.

And we want details of you project management strategy. Very interesting that you can get past the problem areas by lowering the shader details. I got a big problem with the pc demo. Also, forcing the demo to run in DX9 mode works too for full screen but the performance is worse than in dx10 windowed (same res, same max settings).

I have missing textures in game.. They are for W95/98 but when using them on XP Pro they do all sorts of strange t windows-xp Jan 14 satraiwj Display Problem I have XP Professional...I am facing problem Thx in advance. android 4 14 AnDev53 186d !Rant Got a job offer as an Android Dev, signed the contract, while signing employer asked me if i am a mac or pc user.

Search for [WinDrv.WindowsClient]. Anyhelp? Company: We want to get a trial version before buying it. fuck your rounded corners 6 48 cantleave205 273d i hate everything about programming except programming.

she read the subheadings of the post and asked me to rank myself 1-5. can someone tell me how to transfer files from one computer to another? I've also played R6Vegas all the way through on my system (same UE3 engine), lots of long (5hrs+) SupCom games on big maps with lots of players, hours of Fear and html css crappy images 5 19 padmick21 247d Just joined this, let the rants begin.

Sometimes, after working on my computer for a while, suddenly a message pops up that a 'Remote Proced windows-xp Dec 19 ranhitdu Problem with SP2 I've setup test of service pack2 Help! - Zeta 10/13/2004 Outlook generates error - Rajagopal 10/13/2004 task manager wont come up at all says locked my system administrator - jeff 10/11/2004 win98 2nd edition - Sherrie 10/11/2004 I'm running the game with administrator privileges. windows-xp Jan 22 manmoirn Computer Upgrade I plan to do a major upgrade to my current computer that uses XP Pro by installing a new motherboard and AMD XP 3000 processor.

Stuck at WinXP loading screen.