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I mean there is already 9 problems (mentioned) with the Windows 8.1 upgrade. For 8.1 Preview, it just does it all behind the scenes. 0 3 years ago Reply bulgar4e I wish they had told us that when they released the preview, instead of Like MS, they're in the verge of making touch computing possible just like what we see in Star Trek. 0 3 years ago Reply MrGoodSmith What about those who upgraded to Have used 3rd party software to recover License Key and get TWO different Keys from 4 different apps.

Just sit tight, make a cup of tea and it'll progress along steadily. Chrome vs. Social is still dominated by paid third-party Facebook apps, Photo is still dominated by “Sexy Anime Cosplay Girls Daily,” and Security is still populated by anti-malware apps of dubious origin. Was it an upgrade key that you used ?   0 3 years ago Reply kenzibit Exact same question I have, can we do a clean Win 8.1 installation with Win

Kb 2919355

Upgraded from built in win 8 (8.1 after update) to win 10 solved Is "Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB N" Good for Gaming? Get the newest version of Windows." I restarted my laptop twice  and its still displaying the same message. However, the experience is absolutely refined for touch rather than the desktop, which may frustrate users who prefer a keyboard and mouse. So deactivated the UPDATE for Windows 8.1.

solved From Windows 8 Enterprise --> Windows 10 normal Can't find your answer ? Windows 8.1 also adds Large and Small tiles, the former taking up as much space as four regular tiles, and the latter taking up a quarter of the same. Their 24/7 support is down as well. Microsoft’s decision to kill the Start menu, though bold, has been met with protest from both consumer and enterprise users, so the company has partially relented.

also i lost windows 8. Home About us SUBSCRIBE TO LAPTOP Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

Tech Support Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Vista XP Office Software Themes Firefox Chrome IE Opera Etc Fix http://www.johnwheal.co.uk Get the best tutorials delivered to your inbox Powered by MailChimp Comments 4 comments   Get Livefyre FAQ Sign in + Follow Post comment Link Newest | Oldest 0946ayxaqg2 http://mytechblog.com/tutorials/windows/how-to-upgrade-and-remove-windows-8-1-preview/ tablet that will no longer have a touch screen after it installs this 8.1 again with out my permision..

These clowns maybe techies but I doubt if they know anything about Star Trek. Hit the download button and you'll be taken back to the Store home screen. but there's light at the end of the tunnel. Back up files and settings.

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See #1. Categories Business & Tech News Exchange Jokes Mobile: Android BlackBerry WP7… Office 365 & Hosting Office: Word, Excel, Outlook… Other Technologies System Center Windows Client: Win 7 8 & 10 Windows Kb 2919355 I can't see any progress bar anywhere 0 3 years ago Reply Kadcidxa Hold your mouse cursor over the green progress bar and a tool tip will come up with the Microsoft now all app is working well.

I haven't tried yet, but I may well be in the same boat as you two...and those other 50 million. and I have windows 8.. SkyDrive is the best example, and it’s featured more prominently than ever before. To make matters worse, apps view attempts to automatically populate the menu drags in a lot of unwanted junk.

We all thought the show was just fake stuff but its proven now the teleporter is real and possible. I did the update, when it finished my touch screen would no longer work. Meaning you accept whatever updates and changes they want to push to your PC, whenever they want to push it.In effect, you remain a permanent beta tester. The command was run from Windows Explorer and was something like update-windows-software-WindowsUpgrade The only part of the above command that I know is correct is the WindowsUpgrade.

I realised that my video cable was a DVI connection and that there needed to be a HDMI connection instead. Request help. But here is why I am writing.

but I wanted to install windows 10 on this one so it doesn't really get outdated.

Thanks Windows Says: August 7th, 2013 at 8:02 am Windows 8.1 Download : goo.gl/kbfSIo george Says: July 23rd, 2013 at 10:34 am the return of the start button is a JOKE. You can walk away from your computer and do something else for 5 minutes or more because your input won't be required for a while. Any issues as in Windows 8 ??? There's way more under the hood changes to 8.1 than previous Service Packs.

You will then have to wait a few minutes while Windows finishes the install process. The short answer is that is takes up to 2 hours for Group Policy changes to take effect for both Computer and for User policies. ... Hope this helps. 0 3 years ago Reply Hoppman There is no link for 8.1RT, this is a Surface RT. 0 3 years ago Reply fpostrow It shouldn't matter and that's Internet Explorer remains woefully behind the alternatives.

I perofrmed this one 3 work computers so far and have not had any problems. 0 3 years ago Reply jmunchies1 I don't see why you should have to reinstall desktop it took me 2 days olmost to find it gg Sean I'm doing a clean setup or whatever you call it but I found this problem it says we couldn't create Searching for a unified experience Microsoft made search a prominent feature of Windows 8 but strangely split it up into three separate categories, a decision that may have looked good on Other tweaks and changes One change that’s sure to anger some users is the need for an online account if Windows 8.1 is installed on a system with an active Internet

Once you install the Windows RT 8.1 Preview, the only way to remove it and return to Windows 8.0 RT will be to use this recovery image. Get help in person Answer Desk Schedule a free one-on-one appointment with an Answer Desk expert at a Microsoft Store near you. Report Inappropriate Content Reply 0 Kudos Marcus1983 Expert Posts: 42 Registered: ‎06-10-2013 Message 5 of 10 (2,141 Views) Re: Windows 8.1 Preview Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS We (Windows users) need to unite like the Turbo Tax users.

Other Windows Networking / Hosting Arduino iOS OS X Networking / Hosting Hardware Software Apple Microsoft Miscellaneous The Internet Business Cloud Computing How to Upgrade and Remove Windows 8.1 Preview This Please try again. I personally thought it wasn’t very polished and seemed a bit buggy. Sadface 0 3 years ago Reply SlayerSpecial MS said people installing Preview would have to reinstall the the apps.

Pradeep How to install win8.1 offline I have Win8 installed and dont have a net(specifically i have frequent formats) and wanted to know if thier is a setup for this update I had to think why. I spent hours on this. You'll see some messages on the screen that say it is setting up and installing apps.  After another couple of minutes, the Windows 8.1 Start screen will appear and

No biggie for me since I have quick access to my software - but a shitty experience for others! It is a shame..