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Is it safe to modify it and change it to my name, or am I just stuck with it? This message could mean that a user, application, or job is accessing the table and might have caused an out-of-sync condition. See “How to resynchronize objects.” No more open cursors If you see the following error, Post has exceeded the available open cursors. He was once totally right.

Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. If Share- Plex is replicating across a WAN, and the export queue is continually backlogged, try adjusting those parameters. The Present Revised Edition Also Includes Numerous Important Developments Since The Third Edition Of The Book Was Published. You can contact Technical Support to discuss salvaging the data if the data is important. https://www.groovypost.com/howto/howto/change-your-windows-computer-name/


Query for the name by using Nslookup. To see a list of configurations on a system, use the list config command. SharePlex failed to open the default text editor. Post generates a shared memory error Post sometimes generates a “Cannot attach to second shared memory segment” error.

Reply goLfie May 10, 2010 at 8:43 am # Woah, haven't heard of that one before, can you post a screenshot? See Chapter 1 for more information about show activate and other SharePlex commands. From the Interfaces tab of the server properties page in the DNS console, administrators can restrict a DNS server to listen only on selected addresses. Dns Server if any1 can help me i would really appreciate it! 🙂 Reply * MrGroove says: July 30, 2009 at 8:45 am @ILuvMyiPhone88, Did you follow the steps?

To change the default text editor, see the SharePlex Administrator’s Guide. Nslookup View all posts by Steve Krause → Don't Miss a Single Tip! Please try again later or contact support for further assistance. So the simple answer is yes, as long as you have the right permissions.

sweet! Dhcp Issue the ipcs -smaa command at the command prompt to view all of the shared memory segments and semaphores. (Shared memory segments are listed first and are denoted with an “m.” Error: sp_cop can't setup shared memory statistics capability - exiting Error: sp_cop(shs) Cannot delete previous memory segment 303. Click User Accounts.


if you can help me could you please send me an email at [emailprotected] ? http://jblevins.org/log/hostname See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/CDN.ashx. ]]> Xerox.com Support Community Register Sign In Help Hostname That means you will get error messages like the following when running an application: Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server Xlib: No protocol specified and you might see something like Fqdn To find out which user is responsible, view the user issued commands in the Event Log. • A stopped due to error status means a replication or Oracle error caused Post

I found this board and I to find It truly useful & it helped me out much. Reply John March 12, 2012 at 5:39 am # That one works! Incorrect ORACLE_SID and/or ORACLE_HOME If database setup failed or if SharePlex cannot interact with Oracle, you might have specified the wrong ORACLE_SID and/or ORACLE_HOME for the Oracle instance. To find out if the table is locked, check the V$LOCK system statistics table, and resolve the situation accordingly. Dns

Popular Latest How To Enable The Favorites Bar In Google Chrome February 8, 2017 How to Use TreeSize to Map Hard Drive Usage and Find Huge Files February 27, 2017 How Thanks. Check activation log. Restart the system to make the new NuTCRACKER environment effective.

i bought my laptop off of craigslist and the guy who origanally set it up was named bill.. If either the master or secondary server is running another DNS server implementation, check both servers to make sure that they support the same features. For instructions on setting the correct value for OPEN_CURSORS, see the SharePlex Administrator’s Guide.

Check the O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY Oracle tuning parameter and make sure it is set to TRUE (the default).

Rename or delete all other oratab files except for the one in /var/opt/oracle. Search for the folder MKS Toolkit. Rowid not found This means that SharePlex cannot locate the correct row to update in the target database. There is a “failure to write and open queue” error If there is a sequence of messages in the Event Log similar to the following, stop and start sp_cop. 1 08-06-12

SharePlex is running out of disk space Data accumulating in the queues can cause SharePlex to run out of disk space. Glad the tip was able to help ya out! Which way should be done to avoid this issue? Check the O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY Oracle init.ora parameter and make sure it is set to TRUE. (This is the default.) The database must be restarted if the parameter is changed.

The following are some potential causes for Post to stop without user intervention. You can not change it unless you change it in the OS (usually).The iLo also has it's own hostname. SharePlex uses the ORACLE_SID to identify the instance where the source data resides. Steve, I changed the name in the ownership.

Clear a Particular Host Name3.3.5. If the data is incorrect on the primary zone, the problem might be caused by user error when entering data into the zone, a problem with Active Directory replication, a problem A server used during the query fails to respond. The size for the post queue in a status display is the actual disk space used by all of the queue files.

One possibility is that one of its DNS servers is down and you're trying to access the downed server. Insufficient PROCESSES setting If Oracle Error 20 (ORA-00020 maximum number of processes (string) exceeded) is the cause of an activation failure, it is because Oracle ran out of resources on the Expand the Data Focus entry, then highlight the Runtime entry. This usually occurs when named queues or horizontally partitioned replication are being used.

In that case, Share- Plex reports the error to the Event Log, writes the error and SQL statement to the SID_errlog.sql file, and continues processing. I have the same issue as KDavis1049 and Nancy. Reorganizing chained tables to eliminate chaining makes replication faster. Let the data accumulate on the source system until Post has posted enough messages for you to start Import again.