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Solved: Sysprotect (is It Still Here?)

Looks that there was a line in HI8GN's script:

 xfbbC -c -f -h localhost -i [callsign] -w [password] 
with missing ./ (dot slash) before xfbbC, so the script was Anyway, it does not matter because xfbbX is running here this or that way. 2003-06-30 A recent email from Jose, HI8GN, related to the xfbbX GUI client, about the RPM package: The next task was to download the client package from the FBB's main site. What is the difference between Bourne shell and K shell? this contact form

Of course, before the uninstalation, I made the backup of some config files that are not version depending (like /etc/fbb.conf), in order to avoid editing the same "defaults" once again and The only "mystery" was how to activate some system administering tasks: maintenance (a "housekeeping"), get user's data and other tasks easily accessed from under WinFBB main console (for example). Ans. But, it was not. http://newwikipost.org/topic/EXUM5TIvDQawmVcDcFVw07xblIBhlDnU/Solved-Silly-Sysprotect-bug.html

As I just mentioned, I also noticed that the first console connection was without familiar {PROTUS-4.1b7} designation (that means there was no c_filter utility running). Ans. Then I will look into the errorlog and take relevant action based on the error message, If I couldn't solve the issue, I will intimate to my DBA manager further log Many combinations are possible.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; If this is not possible due to the size of your databases, then try the different options so that the end of, say, a week, you've run them all. This is very open ended question and there could be a lot of reasons behind the poor performance of a query. Slow bcp - logs each row insert that it makes, used for tables that have one or more indexes or triggers.

Constraints enable the RDBMS enforce the integrity of the database automatically, without needing you to create triggers, rule or defaults. As a matter of fact, you can have many natural keys in a given table but in practice what one does is build a surrogate (or artificial) key. SELECT USER_NAME() AS CurrentUser, col1 FROM dbo.TestTable CurrentUser col1 ----------- ---- robg_test 1000 The only work-around I have found is to give the user higher-than-necessary privileges (like db_datareader). https://teamtreehouse.com/community/i-solved-the-challenge-another-way-and-got-the-desired-results-is-it-still-correct Q17: What is the difference between sysstats and systabstats table?

But, the problem with newer Netscape 7.1 was that it has the different directory tree when compared to its predecessor, in addition to a slightly changed email structure. Suppose dataserver is running very slow and sp_monitor is showing 100% cpu usages, what can be possible issue? Of course, regulatory issues should also be tested (like band plans - in particular recognizing the sub-bands dedicated for digital ham radio), RFI issues and how to avoid them etc. Replication queues are filling up, Where we need to look into for root cause? 5.

check the status of the database (sp_helpdb) check the schedule cron job check whether any process is blocked (sp_who and sp_lock) see if we have to take backups / load database navigate to these guys So I do that by re-installing WinFBB onto a FAT (FAT16) partition that is recognized by NT and Linux too. Ans. A nonzero count indicates fragmentation, since each forwarded row requires an additional I/O to store the new row on another page.

As part of that analysis, I revoked a whole list of public permissions on 119 "[sys]." objects (e.g., [sys].[sysprotects], [sys].[schemas]). weblink Q2: Suppose our tempdb is filling up or filled up, you cant recycle the db server, then what would be your steps? Well, after that is performed, .703 files should *lose* their previously attached extensions, in order to become usable. If so, it looks that LinFBB packet-radio system operators, "sysop's", seem to be forced to run at least two computers, in order to get the same functionality they always had with

But, the big disadvantage of today's version of xfbbX client, I've found here, is the absence of several useful icons, that I was very fond of within the WinFBB's user interface. What is the advantage and disadvantage of Identity coloums? a. navigate here You can play with these constants but they aren't that important.

a. to make a 'restore' of Mozilla's directory structure (previously backup-ed); 6. The Execute card gave me a possibility to change the path for a program to be used.

Unfortunately, there's no easy way (if any) to change colors (and that's the standard feature in WinFBB) for both 'Monitoring' and 'All channels' windows.

So, if your user process executes a big stored procedure, all you will see here is a call to the stored procedure. Author of the software, a radio amateur from France, Jean-Paul F6FBB, has made many versions of WinFBB, including 16 bit variant for Windows 3.x and Windows 9x as well as 32 So, I had to check and double-check all the paths and system directories, described in the Protus section of this mini-HOWTO. a.

What are different statistic commands you use in UNIX? Note: If any of the fragments you are using have user defined segments on them, drop those segments before doing this. I put that one file into /fbb/bin directory and, after the next restart of LinFBB, I got the info mentioned above: {PROTUS-4.0}. his comment is here Start the installation script ./install.sh and, after asked for the 'base' installation directory, chose /usr/local/fbb.

Also, don't forget to name the transaction for sp_whodo - see Q9.2. a. If that succeeds, it would be a good preparation for installing another LinFBB (in the local school club), where several old 286 computers will be also available. This number needs to be multiplied by the inputs (num1 and num2) in order to return a range of numbers between them.

Those new executables should be temporary given extensions like .703 (for example).