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Which Windows Tool Would Be Used To Verify That An Optical Drive Is Recognized By The System?


Then, after paying $70 bucks he restored it (with all files gone) he told me I had a virus and not to download free music anymore and always update my security Definition USB 1.1 Term Which of the following technologies can support the longest cable length between devices? Definition 1.5Mbps, 12Mbps, 480Mbps Term Which of the following is the main difference between a worm and a virus? Which of the following utilities should the technician run? his comment is here

Which of the following should the technician do? When the technician arrives, theydiscover that the user is very worried they will not be able to complete a research paper they'vebeen working on which is due by the end of I suspect that if you have been happily using your PC that you are not trying to run Windows XP Setup - please confirm. Definition 18 inches (45cm) Term Which of the following are features of the Advanced Tab under Printer Properties? (SelectTHREE).

Which Windows Tool Would Be Used To Verify That An Optical Drive Is Recognized By The System?

I have windows XP CD and using dell inspiron 6000 laptop. cheers Reply ank91 says: January 26, 2013 at 04:09 hey-admin- my notebook dont have FLOPPY DISK DRIVE- HOW DO I INSERT FLOPPY DURING SETUP Reply sobia says: January 28, 2013 at If you are adding a second drive, just pick any empty drive bay - one a bit below the current drive might work best, because it will make it easier to

Enter BIOS Setup Utility. They are arranged such that only one terminator is necessary. Reply Tanzim says: May 30, 2012 at 17:25 Solution 1 worked on Lenovo T60 Reply nazmul says: June 7, 2012 at 14:35 I pressed during xp set up "To repair a The Average Number Of Hours Before A Device Is Likely To Fail Is Called The Type B: CPU protection cover in CPU socket.

Definition Decreased EMI Term Which of the following utilities is used to remove programs from startup in Windows XP? Which Of The Following Memory Types Has The Slowest Access? Torx wrench B. Turn off the printer. http://www.proposedsolution.com/solutions/windows-xp-setup-setup-did-not-find-any-hard-disk-drives/ i am unable to find my sata configaration section.

Reply HelpPleaSE!! What Items Are True About Laptop Memory Modules? Quick Answer: 64 Detailed Answer: 78 Which tool would you use to test a 24-pin ATX 12v power connector? D) Check to see if the sound card's driver is installed and enabled. And now im all over the internet to find the solution to get it work or at least to get my data back… 🙁 Reply ell says: May 5, 2011 at

Which Of The Following Memory Types Has The Slowest Access?

Definition Remove the internal main battery Term The fan on a power supply is not working. I do have a suggestion though, could you add a few pics here and there so that we can see what you are talking about. Which Windows Tool Would Be Used To Verify That An Optical Drive Is Recognized By The System? Definition 128MB graphics card Term A user reports that no picture is appearing on the monitor. A Laptop Normally Has A Type Of Hard Drive Installed. So extremely helpful for all of my classes!" Alice , Arizona State University "I'm a student using StudyBlue, and I can 100% say that it helps me so much.

Definition Email the users about the update. this content Question (Q&A-81|274): How to use the PCIE locker on my motherboard?(12/30/2010) Answer:So far we have below PCIE locker types, please refer below: Type1: 1. A) 20KHz B) 22KHz C) 44KHz D) 48KHz E) none of the above B 46) When installing a sound card on a motherboard that has built-in sound capability, what should you A. Which Windows Xp Utility Can Be Used To Delete Unused Files To Reclaim Some Hard Drive Space

Like below picture: H. I own T61 and your post was very helpful. How do I solve this?(4/25/2007) Answer:This is caused by Microsoft. weblink resume from a low power state when it receives a network packet telling it to do so.Answer: DQUESTION NO: 95 Definition Lack of drive heads and platters Term Which of the

Rebuilding a Relic for my Kids. What Is The Primary Cause Of Hard Drive Failures? Having arrived onsite, thetechnician has a discussion with the customer and reviews some examples of their print jobs.Which of the following should the technician do NEXT? Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 75 In order to perform a network installation of Windows, which of the following must be supported by the computer's network interface card?

Which type of card should you install?

I'm somewhat of a techie and i do understand all the jargon. Definition Print Spooler Term Which of the following is the NEXT phase after POST? Administrator password Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 67 Which password is used in the BIOS (CMOS) to prevent end users from accessing the BIOS contents? For Internal Optical Drives, What Is The Most Common Type Of Internal Interface Found Today? Which of the following should be used to repair the wire?

your solution worked on my acer travel mate.. When the laptop is removedfrom the docking station, the user would like the laptop to automatically switch to the wirelessconnection. http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/xp/hdmiaudio-xp.html Question (Q&A-69|241): I have a motherboard with Realtek HD Audio Codec. check over here Your first fix worked like a charm.

Z68 Extreme4: Z68 Extreme4 Z68 Pro3: Z68 Pro3 Z68 Pro3-M: Z68 Pro3-M After doing so, please follow the steps below to setup Intel Smart Response: Step 1. The network speed can automatically adjust based on the type of traffic being generated. If you are using SATA, your motherboard likely comes with enough SATA ports. Connect Ground (GND) to Ground (GND).

Question (Q&A-80|268): Where could I get the maximum share memory on H55 series motherboards?(7/15/2010) Answer:The shared memory size is dynamically controlled by VGA driver, and the maximum share memory size will